Garden Tower 2
 for Medicinal Cannabis
Maximized yields in small spaces through optimal nutrient availability and uptake
50+ compact, Indica dominant plants per Tower mature faster for more harvests (expandable)
6 cubic feet of growing media for vigorous root development and resilient plants
Ball-bearing rotation for light control and access
Easily water from the top in 30 seconds (12-14 gallon water holding capacity for low maintenance)
Unmatched attention to detail in design and materials

•  Constructed of 35 lbs of ultra durable HDPE

•  100% FDA Food-Grade with zero plasticizers, PVC, BPA, or polycarbonates

•  5 Year Warranty & UV Stabilized for outdoor use

Tested & proven by experienced growers:

"The GT2 has revolutionized the concept of my growing space.  On the first trial, the GT2 setup exceeded our best grow to date. I used to think of growing in two dimensions, but now I think of my entire grow-space in three dimensions.

We plan to increase the number of cannabis plants per tower and reduce veg time next round. We recommend fast flowering, Indica dominate strains for use in the GT2."
- SkunkHouse Genetics
Click play below to see the GT2 in use
Why the Garden Tower works:
Perforated 6" diameter center column functions as a highly effective vermicomposter
Soluble (available) plant nutrients are transported from root zone to root zone with every watering
Roots, compost, worms, and water literally transport organic nutrients through the tower as they become available
Internal shelves prevent soil compaction maintaining a highly aerobic growth medium and composting environment
Easily converted to a hydroponic / aeroponic system with a seperate reservoir & pump
What is included in the package?
The default Garden Tower 2 configuration includes 6 levels of grow rings for a 50 plant capacity in 6 cubic feet of typical potting media.  The unit has all components pictured including 49 high precision 3/4" ball bearings.
Exactly how do I grow cannabis in this?
Cultivating Cannabis in a GT2 - a brief guide:
Guide to growing cannabis Garden Tower
What else can I grow in a Garden Tower 2?
The Garden Tower was developed to be the most ecologically advanced container growing system ever available for all kinds of vegetables, herbs, and even flowers.  With a small amount of knowledge, the GT2 works incredibly well as a platform for high-density (small space) production of medicinal cannabis!  Learn more about growing other types of plants at 
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Expert Reviews
We've been evaluating growing systems for small to moderate scale production for many years.  When I first saw a Garden Tower in use for food crops I realized immediately that the setup had a lot to offer the world of cannabis cultivation.  We have several GT2 units in use in multiple types of configurations and we are extremely pleased with the results.
Simple Setup
1) Introduction to the GT2
2) Garden Tower Assembly
3) Loading Soil in the GT2
4) Planting the GT2
5) Composting with the GT2
Kristi's Summer Vegetable Planting Tips for Garden Towers
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Garden Tower 2 Downloadable Instructions
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